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Industrial packaging to teach you if you buy high quality Kunshan pet packing belt

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Industrial packaging to teach you if you buy high quality Kunshan pet packing belt

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At present, pet packaged with many enterprises, but the scale is generally small, equipment and technology behind, and many enterprises in order to save production costs and pay no attention to product quality, some of the recycling waste through the machine to re-use the bottle With the raw materials, consumers are not easy to distinguish when buying, for this, Kesida industrial packaging on how to buy high-quality pet package to bring consumers the following tips:

1. Check the product information

In general, the formal product country expressly stipulates that there should be a complete set of product information, including manufacturer, product standard, tensile test report, common specifications and parameters, product quality inspection report, SGS certification report and other information, complete information products, indicating that the production enterprises Is a certain size of the formal business, even if the problem is also well documented consumers.

2. Select different specifications as needed

Pet belt, according to the use and the size of the tension can be divided into different specifications: glass products industry is usually used in the packaging belt specifications for the 12mm, wood, ceramics, stone, paper, brick and other industries usually use the packaging specifications for the 16mm, Glass, non-ferrous metals and other industries usually use the packing belt specifications for the 19mm and 25mm. Different specifications of the pet package with the tension, the strength of different, should be the right choice of pet packaged with product specifications.

3. View the product inspection report

General manufacturers of pet packaged with the production of products have a test report, the report includes some important technical parameters of the standard, which should be the product of the rupture value of the higher the better.

4. Appearance quality

First observe whether the whole volume of pet packing belt with serious distortion, cracking, perforation, burr and so on. Such as the emergence of the above circumstances, that packing belt may be broken in the packaging process is not conducive to exports and long-distance transport; Second, but also depends on the whole volume of pet packaged with the color is uniform, embossed is clear, smooth smooth.

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