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Yakai -PET steel packing belt with a detailed description of the package

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Yakai -PET steel packing belt with a detailed description of the package

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PET plastic packing belt packing belt alias Bundle or strapping steel belt, packing belt manufacturers PET main component is polyester resin; 1. Production process is: plastic grain melting --- pressure belt ---- forming --- - Cooling ----- Wrapping ---- Packaging - Storage 2. Packaging tape is made of PP or PET. 3. Machine and hand with the difference is the thickness of the different requirements of the machine is relatively high. Appearance: transparent. Flammability: flammable, leaving the flame to continue burning. Flame is yellow, black smoke; slightly inflated, sometimes cracked, with styrenic smell. Tensile strength: both strip-like tensile strength, but also to impact the ductility, but also to ensure the safety of your product transport. The elongation is small: the elongation is only one-sixth of the polypropylene (PP) band and can hold the tension for a long time. Good economic benefits: 1 ton of plastic steel belt is equivalent to the length of 6 tons of steel belt, the price per meter is lower than the steel belt, can reduce costs for you, commonly used specifications are 1606,1608,1908,1910,2510,2512 and other PP buckle Strength PP packaging deduction with Japan's water design patents, pure PP to do raw materials, Seiko production, beautiful appearance, no special tools, easy to use, is the ideal manual packaging supplies. Strong temperature: melting point of 260 degrees, 120 degrees below the use of deformation. Good flexibility: no sharp edge of steel belt, safe operation, neither hand nor damaged objects. Beautiful no rust: no steel belt rust pollution is tied to the object of the object, bright color can be Kam

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