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Automatic shrink packaging machine

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Automatic shrink packaging machine

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  • Release date:2017/03/07
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product manual:

Sealing part: the use of anti-high temperature constant temperature aluminum alloy sealing knife, will not be broken, to ensure that no coking, no smoke zero pollution. Packaging finished conveyor belt automatically output and transfer time adjustable sets of action automatically completed by the cylinder, greatly reducing the work intensity and increase production efficiency

Sealing knife with automatic protection, effectively prevent the wrong packaging, to ensure the safety of the operator to achieve unmanned operation, can be used directly with the production line, packaging more automated

Shrink furnace: the original factory switch switch performance is stable, electronic governor to adjust the speed, the choice of double insulation board will not lead to the surrounding environment is too hot, imports of high temperature insulation cloth greatly reduce heat loss, the conveyor chain with a solid roller , The external package of high temperature silicone tube,

Can withstand large weight of the object through the bottom with casters, can be free to move

Technical Parameters:

Model YK-5545TBA + YK-4525

Mechanical dimensions L1665 × W850 × H1380

                          L1300 × W713 × H1450

Maximum packaging size 550 × 450 × 120mm

Maximum sealing size 550 × 450mm

Machine weight 475 KG

Power 1.3kw

Working efficiency 1500-1800 / H

Power supply 1ø / 220V 50 / 60HZ

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